☠ About Me

I' am just a normal person who thinks that everything has its own ways. I like expressing who I' am to everyone and I' am not scared to show it in any way. I like expressing my art through website development and my physical appearance especially my hair. I' am a silent, equal and a very versatile person. I go with the flow but once it gets ruined by anyone, I give up and go back whenever I have the strength again and that is my weakness. I hate being rejected that's why I do everything straight without trying to let someone or myself perhaps put some holes. Whenever problems come in me, I tend to be worried a lot but move on at the end of the day. I' am moody and everything I do or I will wear depends on my mood. I' am friendly and I will remove all awkwardness between us. I' am very loyal at my friends and love ones. Never broke any promises for those I love. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing, but I prioritize the ones I care about rather than myself. In fact, I' am one of those who sacrifice all that I have, for my loved ones. I may be fragile as far as my feelings are concerned, but when you need me, I will be as strong as the 'Rock of Gibraltar'. I only cry to the ones I care, but I talk bluntly to the ones who I don't even care and yet talks shit about me. However, I' am not weak and is completely capable of looking after myself. And that is just a small introduction of my whole personality.
☠ Professionalism

Open-minded, organized, listener, a fast learner and an artistic person with exceptional interpersonal and written English skills. Competent in working with different types of people combining the ability to multi task and work effectively even under pressure and deadline driven environment. Proficient in using the computer, with knowledge in web development, programming, database management, graphics designing, editing photos and videos, developing flash animations and using the Microsoft Office. A competent TESDA NCII Hardware Servicing passer with knowledge in hardware troubleshooting, software installation and networking.

☠ Likes

Coding, Hair styling, Adventure, Singing, Playing the guitar, Arts and Crafts, Designing, Taking photos, Blogging, Gaming, Hanging out with friends, Being versatile, Not wasting time, Full-time effort, Being thrifty but not cheap, Internet, Reminiscing good memories, Fashion but not the trending ones, being unique and different from others, etc.
Colors and Style
Black, White, Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Pink, Red. I like the typical rocker chick style with the splash of classy within it. I like styling my hair through coloring and cutting it by myself. I love wearing black, chains and skulls. When it comes to graphics designing or designs, I like vintage, steampunk, minimalist, low brow, abstract and cute creepy ones. I like unique art.
I like arcade, adventure, racing, strategy and music/dance games. I also like MMORPG and MOBA games as well.
Don't get surprised, but I don't like chocolates that much. I love it when it is combined with strawberry. I like mocha, cookies and cream and caramel. I also like jelly. I like food that my boyfriend doesn't like to eat at all like tea, salads, Japanese food, Mediterranean cuisine and seafoods. We both like European and Italian cuisines. I' am into tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic.

☠ Statistics

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Feeling random today.

#Reminisce: Jealous Girlfriends

I remember it was years ago when my boyfriend and I are still friends as I also have another guy friend. Then I knew from them that their girlfriends are jealous of me and I don’t know why. Like my guy friend, her girlfriend is always mad at him because of her jealousy towards me until we made some surprises like a video and the banner where I and other friend which is a girl helped our guy friend to prepare. I also invite her during band practices and we see each other at some places until she was sorry for her wrong interpretation towards me. Then her jealousy was gone for good.

Then my boyfriend’s ex, who was also jealous of me when my boyfriend and I were still best friends, is more jealous than my other friend’s girlfriend. My best friend and I usually hangs out because we really get along well and whenever I hang out with guys, there are no malices. Both of my guy friends are very loyal. Then his girlfriend had some wrong interpretations towards me and my best friend. He introduced her to me and my other girl friend, I even added her on Facebook and got a chance to text her to not worry about my best friend because he really is loyal and all that.

To summarize it all, they broke up after 2 months of their relationship because my best friend had enough of her mistrust, the emotional connection and especially the religion. He feels like their relationship can’t freely be expressed whether on dates or everywhere they go because of the religion conflicts. Then after 2 months of their break up, my best friend and I became together because of getting along well, we fell in love for each other. And his ex is telling everyone that he cheated on her. My boyfriend was already cold at her before they broke up. Anyways, 2 years had passed and she wanted to talked to him and I don’t know why. O well.

#Reminisce: Highschool Silent Killer

When I was in high school, I was called the “Silent Killer”. Because I was a silent person and yet I tend to have the greatest progress in class (not bragging). I as well as one of the best when it comes to arts as my teachers are always happy at my outputs because of my creativity. I was also the only woman who was never picked on in my class (except my friends). My friends are the only one who can make fun of me. And whenever someone makes fun of me, I tend to sarcastically smile on my silence. Then I don’t know, they say sorry right away. Some of them thinks I’ am really mean. I just don’t like people touching me when I don’t touch them. I’ am not huffy though. I’ am friendly on the other hand. I always rotate around. Sometimes, I’ am alone then some random person will just sit beside me. At first, they will talk about school stuff until we end up talking about problems. Most of them are guys. Since I’ am guyish and everything, maybe that is the reason why I like being friends to guys.

#Reminisce: Highschool Intramurals

I remember when I was in high school, I hate joining extracurricular activities especially in sports. I only join poster, slogan or essay writing contests. I remember once when my classmates wants me to be the representative of the slogan and essay which is crazy because both competitions are being held at the same time so I disagreed. Anyways, it was our intramurals as I hate joining sports. Whenever we have some cheering competition, I escape practices whether I hang out at the canteen, at the clinic and pretend to be sick or join other rooms and activities like the choir (even if I don’t really participate. It’s just my way on escaping what I hate). Until, I don’t know, I ended up as the basketball scorer. See how random I’ am during extracurricular? My friends are kind of sporty so they join the volleyball team. I also as well as the representative of badminton in our class because I know how to play, and I play good. But I forgot my competition as a lot of people are finding me but they can’t find me so they got my replacement. Just heard it after they won the competition. And it happened to me twice (also in my 6th Grade). I hate participating in such activities. I’ am not lazy, it’s just, it’s not my thing (even if I used to dance and like sports when I was younger).


“I’ am always hoping that someone would understand me wholeheartedly. But I just don’t know to my self why I keep pushing them away even if they are doing the best that they could.”

My Mind

I really want to have a clingy best friend. Yung hindi mabubuhay na hindi ako makausap everyday, yung lahat alam niya about me and my emotions, yung halos nandito siya lagi parang parte na ng pamilya at lalo na yung marunong makinig hindi para kampihan ako kundi intindihin yung nararamdaman ko.

It really feels good when you are both lying in the dark at night while the television is open, facing each other face-to-face, reminiscing on how you feel in love for each other.

Then he will hold your face and tell you "Ang ganda talaga ng girlfriend ko. Ang swerte ko." ("My girlfriend is so beautiful. I’ am so lucky.") with a serious face while looking in your eyes.

Daily Journal #17: 7 Last Words - 3rd Word (042014)

The Third Word:
“Dear woman, here is your son.”
(John 19:26)

When Jesus was at the cross and suffering, his mother was the one who was at his side. It is really painful for a mother to see his son being hurt. But the presence of a mother with her son shows also support and care even if it will take her until the end.

As I learn my lessons about the true love of a Mother, please help me Jesus love all my love ones more especially to my parents as I will do whatever it takes to pay them back the hard work that they had done. Please cleanse our hearts as they can also feel the love that I’ve always wanted to give them even if I’ am not that showy.

Corpy @ 1 month #marjielife

First Time (Travelling and Adventure)


✓ Pass through Daang Hari from Ayala Alabang.
✓ Go to Cavite (SM Molino, Imus).

New places had been discovered again!

Happy Monthsary!

It was midnight as we both woke up with no reasons. We were lying down beside each other, hugging while our eyes are close. He was kissing me on my forehead, on my cheeks and on my lips. He was caressing my hair and head as he was looking at me. I opened my eyes as we went nose to nose and kissed. Then he whispered “Do you know that this was also the shirt that you were wearing when I first kissed you?” then I was trying to reminisce as I already forgot about it, then he kissed me like how he kissed me for the first time then we hugged and fell asleep again.