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We are excited to see you grow up just like a little boy even though you are just a dog. :3 #mstuff #marjielife

We are excited to see you grow up just like a little boy even though you are just a dog. :3 #mstuff #marjielife

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Our Plans: (Jules and I)

1. Graduate at 20.
2. 2 years of Masteral (Comp. Eng., CS or IT)
3. Working experience for 2-5 years and have a condominium as our temporary home and a car.
4. Work at Switzerland.
5. Get married at 27 with a Steam-punk vintage marriage theme.
6. Have our family and our own home before 30. We want our family to live in the Philippines as we will make extra rooms for them at Switzerland.

Hoping and trying to achieve these. The list stops here for a while.

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Life Pages: 071514

I’ am going to make a summary: We proposed 9 thesis titles and everything got accepted. Our professor just made us choose if what system shall we do. We chose the one with the beneficiary. And also, we helped my cousin who is an I.T. student regarding with their thesis title as well. And one of his thesis mates was Jules ex-friend and the best friend of his ex-girlfriend. My cousin told to me that she was shy at first because after all that has happened between Jules’ ex-girlfriend and Jules and I. But I don’t really care and I’ am not disappointed at her because of course, she is the best friend of Jules’ ex-girlfriend and it’s natural that she will go to her part anyways.

Anyways, everything turned out fine and normal. They also passed regarding with the titles that I gave them, a professor gave them a thesis that was related to the ones that I made. They are very happy and of course my cousin was really happy as well.

We are also trying to do everything for us to be successful for our revenge regarding with the family issues. Especially to my cousin as he ran away from home because of those. Hoping that we will rise and be successful.

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Life Pages: 0716 to 071914

So first things first - It was brownout for 3 days due to the Typhoon Glenda. Typhoon Glenda was literally like a tornado. It brought down some of the trees, cable lines and even deformed our home’s facade. Everything was so messed up.

My friend was the headset radio for 3 days. I listened to it and waited for some announcements regarding with the electricity. My laptop was also fully charged before the brown out came so I had time to take a look at the electrical company Facebook page. And I saw that the typhoon really brought down some of the cables and posts near our place that causes delay at the electricity. I also checked some of my friends updates. But no one was online.

Anyways, I missed my boyfriend. No communication for 3 days. I was so worried about him and his family. I literally want to cry not because I want him at my side, because I was really worried. If I can just describe how horrible it is to live at their place.

Going back to my situation, we cooked all of our stocks inside the refrigerator since having no electricity will remove the preservation of the foods. I also read magazines, Java book and a Christian book which I knew that I like factual books more than fiction ones. Also made me fall asleep. Yes, I admit that I’ am not a fan of reading even though I have lots of books. But it also depends on my mood and the type of book that I’ am reading.

Regarding with myself, before the typhoon I lost 4 pounds. After the typhoon, I gained 2 pounds. That’s why I like going out and staying out since doing nothing makes me gain weight even if I’ am not that of a huge eater these days. I also gained weight because I just slept to waste time.

Thursday: We went to the mall to charge up. We also bought a power bank which luckily, we got the second last stock. My youngest sister also went to the spa where we also charged. We ate and tried finding some stuff that we need. We were with Mom as well.

Bad news and good news came. Good news is that we have a generator, but it was too late when Dad told us. But the bad news is that It has no battery.

We waited for three days. I was so sick of waiting as I was worried about Jules and I really want to use the internet. Then electricity came, everybody shouted because of joy.

Saturday: It was good news to have electricity, but a bad news for the family. It was confirmed that Dad has Stage 1 Throat Cancer regarding with his check up, biopsy and operation. It made me want to tear up. And also, we need to spend at about quarter million pesos for his radiotherapy at Batangas.

Because of the sad news, I really want to go out. Jules and I saw each other. Went to the mall, walk trip and food trip. Kissing him and talking to him after 3 days of no electricity made me feel like I fell in love again to him for the first time. I told him everything that I feel.

The brownout also gave me lessons, like for real. It really removed my laziness, I was really more motivated about everything and my future as I also realize a lot of things. The brow out was the only time where I only had a peace of mind for thinking and worrying about nothing. As I was improved, I’ am also not scared of the problems anymore. Now, I just want to graduate and help my Dad.

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"In less than a year, I’ am going to end up college. I have no vices and I’ am always at home with my boyfriend because we have plans, we wanted to study and I want my parents to see us always. If I’ am that dumb and if I ever thought of misleading my life, I should’ve stopped studying and just get married, have kids and not give any fucks for my future. I never asked my parents for money just for my leisure and wants. You have no rights to judge me especially that I’ am not judging you behind your habits which are far more worst than me, than us. I don’t tell my plans because I want everything to happened. I stay humble as far as possible because I’ am not showy. Stop wasting your lives looking at us and just look at yourselves. Stop bothering my family."
- 071414

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