☠ About Me

I' am just a normal person who thinks that everything has its own ways. I like expressing who I' am to everyone and I' am not scared to show it in any way. I like expressing my art through website development and my physical appearance especially my hair. I' am a silent, equal and a very versatile person. I go with the flow but once it gets ruined by anyone, I give up and go back whenever I have the strength again and that is my weakness. I hate being rejected that's why I do everything straight without trying to let someone or myself perhaps put some holes. Whenever problems come in me, I tend to be worried a lot but move on at the end of the day. I' am moody and everything I do or I will wear depends on my mood. I' am friendly and I will remove all awkwardness between us. I' am very loyal at my friends and love ones. Never broke any promises for those I love. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing, but I prioritize the ones I care about rather than myself. In fact, I' am one of those who sacrifice all that I have, for my loved ones. I may be fragile as far as my feelings are concerned, but when you need me, I will be as strong as the 'Rock of Gibraltar'. I only cry to the ones I care, but I talk bluntly to the ones who I don't even care and yet talks shit about me. However, I' am not weak and is completely capable of looking after myself. And that is just a small introduction of my whole personality.
☠ Professionalism

Open-minded, organized, listener, a fast learner and an artistic person with exceptional interpersonal and written English skills. Competent in working with different types of people combining the ability to multi task and work effectively even under pressure and deadline driven environment. Proficient in using the computer, with knowledge in web development, programming, database management, graphics designing, editing photos and videos, developing flash animations and using the Microsoft Office. A competent TESDA NCII Hardware Servicing passer with knowledge in hardware troubleshooting, software installation and networking.

☠ Likes

Coding, Hair styling, Adventure, Singing, Playing the guitar, Arts and Crafts, Designing, Taking photos, Blogging, Gaming, Hanging out with friends, Being versatile, Not wasting time, Full-time effort, Being thrifty but not cheap, Internet, Reminiscing good memories, Fashion but not the trending ones, being unique and different from others, etc.
Colors and Style
Black, White, Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Pink, Red. I like the typical rocker chick style with the splash of classy within it. I like styling my hair through coloring and cutting it by myself. I love wearing black, chains and skulls. When it comes to graphics designing or designs, I like vintage, steampunk, minimalist, low brow, abstract and cute creepy ones. I like unique art.
I like arcade, adventure, racing, strategy and music/dance games. I also like MMORPG and MOBA games as well.
Don't get surprised, but I don't like chocolates that much. I love it when it is combined with strawberry. I like mocha, cookies and cream and caramel. I also like jelly. I like food that my boyfriend doesn't like to eat at all like tea, salads, Japanese food, Mediterranean cuisine and seafoods. We both like European and Italian cuisines. I' am into tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic.

☠ Statistics

082914: What I’ am doing at the moment. Well, I’ am just designing this web page for our project in Free Elective II which is Bootstrap and JQuery. Aand, Midterms exam is tomorrow.


Life Pages 082914

So yesterday Jules and I left and went to Alabang at 6 in the evening just to find some hair products, accessories and a freakin’ corn for my sister’s program since she is the Muse in her class which means that she will always represent in every pageants.

It was one of a heck adventure. From Mightee Mart Putatan for snacks to Alabang Palengke which I really never went to because I don’t go to wet markets to StarMall then Bayan for the food. Also on our way home, Jules and I noticed the gay in front of him who keeps staring at him and leaning in front of him. I thought that only I was the one who notices him until Jules told me about it when we went down.

Just tired afterwards then we started our marathon of “The Inheritors”, a Korean show about some rich kids and stuff. We just finished “I Can Hear Your Voice” the day before yesterday. Jules is starting to get into Korean movies and shows as he show the uniqueness and creativity of the stories.

I remember when we were watching “Mischievous Kiss” and “My Love From Another Star” on T.V. While I was watching, he just keeps on sleeping. Until I really tried to convince him until he liked it. And now he just can’t stop! He even watches now without me. What an asshole! HAHAHA!

The art of sleeping HAHAHA! #marjielife #marjules


When was the last time I took a selfie? :)) #marjieme #marjieself

Actually, he has a new cage that is way bigger than this. But he doesn’t want to leave this small cage. :)) And this is how Corpy sleeps then. #marjielife




I just realized that even though my friends and I have our own lives, we never changed the way we look at each other. It is overwhelming. No words can express how much support we give to each other. We might not be that updated about our private lives anymore because we are all busy solving it and not include other people since we don’t want to include others in our sufferings, I might push them away sometimes if I become so numb because of the pain I encounter within my depression, they might know me as the one who has a sensitive heart whether I cry or get so mad. But they also know that I open up easily if they ask them. I trust my friends so much that I hide nothing from them. And behind those, even if time passes by, they will be as the same as that person I met the first time. And I’ am saying it from my heart and not just to impress.

I’ am happy that even though I have few friends, I have real friends as well. Ranging from 3 years to more than 10 years of friendship, this is one of the treasures that I have in life.

@julestremendous ‘s very first #selfie HAHAHAHA SERIOUSLY! :)) #marjules

Life Pages 0824-2514

Summary: My boyfriend and I fought. No, not fought. Misunderstanding maybe?

I just don’t know how it happened. It just went like that suddenly. I even cried because I can honestly say that I didn’t even do anything, even a bit for him to get mad. Then he keeps on telling me to do all of the project and stuff. He just keeps on ranting. I was so pissed that I ignored him and did the documentation.

Then the next day, I was not talking to him. I woke up late. And it was my first time to wake up at 11:30 again since I always wake up before 10 even if I’ am lack of sleep. Then it was almost 3pm when he chatted me.

Daniel who? Here’s another story: Last night my sister just randomly changed the channel and ended up watching Pinoy Big Brother. It was the main event where they are going to tell if who is the winner. I saw Daniel Matsunaga as one of the members of the house and obviously that he is going to win. I don’t even watch this show.

Jules was talking to me coldly already before I told him "Ang pogi ni Daniel Matsunaga". Then he started to get colder. I don’t know where his coldness began because I was talking to him normally. I was not mad and stuff.

So that’s the reason why he got pissed MORE even if I was not intending to make him jealous or have feelings after I said that. I don’t like celebrities but I just told that he was good-looking because it’s true. I even see the resemblance between him and Jules somehow because of his jaw.

But anyways, that’s cute. He was jealous because I told him that a celebrity looks good. Haha!

PS: My reply which is “…manunumbat…”. I said that because he keeps on comparing his life to my llife, that he always tells me how hard his life is and shit. Makes me annoyed ‘cause I as well is having a lot of a hard time on stuff.


I remember nung isang beses may random na nagtext sa akin. I think it was 2012. He was a guy and gusto niya ng katext. I entertained him kasi wala lang, trip ko lang. Kami na ata ni Jules noon, nakekwento ko din sa kanya. Because I don’t entertain people that easily at dahil nga trip ko lang, pinagtripan ko. Matrip kasi ako pagdating sa mga ganyang bagay. Wala lang.

He was asking a lot of questions as I’ am always telling him na super ganda at sexy ko. Hanggang sa hiningi niya yung Facebook account ko. At dahil meron akong isang kaklase na sabihin na natin ay hindi pinagpala ng looks pero laging paiba-iba ang boyfriend at apat ang kanyang account na parang akala mo ay may mga poser siya, binigay ko sa kanya yung account nung kaklase ko.

Hinintay ko magreply. Halos dalawang taon na lumipas, hindi pa di siya nagrereply. HAHAHA!!!!!!



“We didn’t say anything because there was such an awful lot to say, and no language to say it in.”

William Saroyan (via kushandwizdom)

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The war is going to start soon. So I’ am preparing my mind.