☠ About Me

I' am just a normal person who thinks that everything has its own ways. I like expressing who I' am to everyone and I' am not scared to show it in any way. I like expressing my art through website development and my physical appearance especially my hair. I' am a silent, equal and a very versatile person. I go with the flow but once it gets ruined by anyone, I give up and go back whenever I have the strength again and that is my weakness. I hate being rejected that's why I do everything straight without trying to let someone or myself perhaps put some holes. Whenever problems come in me, I tend to be worried a lot but move on at the end of the day. I' am moody and everything I do or I will wear depends on my mood. I' am friendly and I will remove all awkwardness between us. I' am very loyal at my friends and love ones. Never broke any promises for those I love. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing, but I prioritize the ones I care about rather than myself. In fact, I' am one of those who sacrifice all that I have, for my loved ones. I may be fragile as far as my feelings are concerned, but when you need me, I will be as strong as the 'Rock of Gibraltar'. I only cry to the ones I care, but I talk bluntly to the ones who I don't even care and yet talks shit about me. However, I' am not weak and is completely capable of looking after myself. And that is just a small introduction of my whole personality.
☠ Professionalism

Open-minded, organized, listener, a fast learner and an artistic person with exceptional interpersonal and written English skills. Competent in working with different types of people combining the ability to multi task and work effectively even under pressure and deadline driven environment. Proficient in using the computer, with knowledge in web development, programming, database management, graphics designing, editing photos and videos, developing flash animations and using the Microsoft Office. A competent TESDA NCII Hardware Servicing passer with knowledge in hardware troubleshooting, software installation and networking.

☠ Likes

Coding, Hair styling, Adventure, Singing, Playing the guitar, Arts and Crafts, Designing, Taking photos, Blogging, Gaming, Hanging out with friends, Being versatile, Not wasting time, Full-time effort, Being thrifty but not cheap, Internet, Reminiscing good memories, Fashion but not the trending ones, being unique and different from others, etc.
Colors and Style
Black, White, Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Pink, Red. I like the typical rocker chick style with the splash of classy within it. I like styling my hair through coloring and cutting it by myself. I love wearing black, chains and skulls. When it comes to graphics designing or designs, I like vintage, steampunk, minimalist, low brow, abstract and cute creepy ones. I like unique art.
I like arcade, adventure, racing, strategy and music/dance games. I also like MMORPG and MOBA games as well.
Don't get surprised, but I don't like chocolates that much. I love it when it is combined with strawberry. I like mocha, cookies and cream and caramel. I also like jelly. I like food that my boyfriend doesn't like to eat at all like tea, salads, Japanese food, Mediterranean cuisine and seafoods. We both like European and Italian cuisines. I' am into tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic.

☠ Statistics

Starting August with a meeting/date with @julestremendous at McDonalds Putatan. Going to patch some holes and plan now. #marjules #life pages

Life Pages 080114

Naglalakad ako papunta sa bahay ng kaklase ko. Bago ako pumasok ng village nila nakita ko may guard na nakatingin sa akin nakaupo sa tabi ng guardhouse na may tent at saka plastic table and chair. Akala ko papasulatin ako sa logbook na nasa lamesa. Then nakarating ako and biglang nagsalita yung guard. Nabingi ako sabi ko “Ano po?”. Sabi niya “Good Afternoon po Ma’am” with a big smile and raise left hand effect. Ngumiti ako pabalik sabi ko “Hi”.

Ang ganda na sana ng bati. Bigla pa naman akong tinanong “Teacher po ba kayo sa dyan?”. Kasi yung village katabi lang ng dati kong school. Sabi ng isip ko “Tang ina eto na naman tayo. Ilang beses ako napagkamalan na saleslady sa National Bookstore dahil sa uniform na toh ngayon teacher naman?!”. Biglang ngiti ako sabi ko “Ay hindi po!”. Sabi ng guard “Ah” pero nakangiti tapos naglakad na ako forward. Naka pink na jacket ako na may hood na may cat ears at saka bag na pink na may dinosaur. Sabi ko ulet sa isip ko “Sa suot kong toh mukha pa din akong teacher? Langyang epekto ng uniform na toh!”. At yan ang kwento ko sa isa sa mga experience ko tuwing suot ko ang uniform ng school ko.


God is a strategic God. He has laid out an exact plan for our lives down to the smallest details. God knows the people you’re going to need to fulfill your destiny. He knows who is going to need to give you a good break and who is going to need to put in a good word for you. He knows when someone is going to need to be there to help you out of a difficult time. God has it all figured out. He is not vague or approximate. God is orchestrating our lives down to the very second, causing us to be at the right place at the right time so we can meet the right people that He ordained before the foundation of the world.

I can look back over my life and see time and time again where God directed my steps down to the exact moment. If I had been ten seconds earlier or ten seconds later, I would have missed an opportunity. Today, be encouraged because your times are in His hands. He orchestrates your life, so keep your faith and trust in Him.


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Corpy and I. #marjielife #selfie #puppy

041912 For Our Plans

Last night was one of my most amazing nights ever. Jules went in our house to help me do my work so we could have money for our plans. I never knew that he would end up staying in our house until morning. So yes, it was an overnight work. We talked about a lot of things:

- Me, still can’t decide what’s the best course for me because
my family keeps on asking me to take exams and shift.

« Jules’ main goal is to help me find what I really want.
I have no dreams and plans honestly.

- Me, transferring to another university since I don’t like how
they run our school and telling Jules the “what if’s” in leaving him
and passing some entrance exams.

« This topic made us emotional. Honestly, I can leave our
university anytime. But I can’t leave and it’s because of him and that’s
the only reason why. We were kind of tearing up and in serious mode.
And especially him telling me “Marj please, wag mo akong iwan”
with those eyes that I can really see how much I mean to him.

- About his ex, haters, so-called “friends” and to those people who can’t
recover and doesn’t even know the real story from his part.

« I heard bullshit and we laughed out loud. Talking about this
made me realized that I’ am far different from his ex. I heard truths, and
I never knew that all of these would happened. But still, God knows what
the truth is.

- Our 2nd year in college and our responsibilities.

« We want to get serious in our studies and get a GPA not lower
than 1.50. In the 2nd semester, we know that we are going to get low
grades. Not like in the first semester, even though my parents thinks that
my 1.93 GPA is still low.

- Future plans.

« From saving money to buy those things that we planned to our
future family. His plans are my plans since I have

- “Berto” and “Berta”

« This hyped us up. THE BEST TOPIC OF THE NIGHT!
We laughed out so hard!

And a lot more! Cuddling, coffee and work with him, the best. From tears to laughter and fears to happiness, I think we really are meant to be.

041412 A Refreshing Day

So, we went to Jzone and it refreshen our minds since again, it was filled with God’s words. We were with Moose and my sister Madel. After that, we went to Festival Mall and ate. We also sang in the videoke booth in XCite. It was really fun being with our friend and my sister. It’s like a small family gathering together.

040512 Misunderstandings

WASTE OF TIME. I just hate it when he says that he’s sure even though
he’s going to fail in the end. I’ve been working all day to earn money for our plans. It’s my first time to work this hard. Can you imagine me carrying 4 computer monitors, some parts of the CPU, boxes, kilos of papers, sacks of books, cases of bottles and a bunch of plastic materials just to sell in the junk shop? Yes, I’ am not those typical girls. I can do all of those. I did that not only because of the money, I also want to remove junk inside the house. My sisters was disgusted at me, but I didn’t care. I don’t need their opinion. My major goal was to have money for me and Julius. I just hate the fact of instead of those time are given for him, I worked all day. Then after all of those, I wanted to talked to him all night but he fell asleep last night. I don’t get mad at him whenever he falls asleep. I understand that whenever that happens. But on this day, I just hoped that he should’ve given me time and controlled his sleepiness just to talk to me, to recover all of the wasted time. I didn’t mind him in the morning, but I really do miss him. I got sick this day because of working hard and he was so worried. I’m not used in those kind of work I guess. I forgave him in the end. Again, I just realized his side as well. He misses me so much and I miss him so much as well. I just love him truly. We haven’t seen each other for days because of the deal, and we’re not used to it I guess.

040212 Every Beats Of My Heart

I guess in kissing, closing your eyes makes you feel the connection between the two of you. It’s unexplainable. But you know when you feel that, you really know the love for each other. That moment when you’re under the stars with sheets covering your skins because of the coldness, and hugs that makes you feel more better. Then going through under the blankets, you kiss like it was never ending. The unexplainable feeling, but surely it’s love. Then while it’s happening, future appears in your mind. You just want to be with each other until you die.






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“Everything that is happening over and over again has two options - whether you get use to it or you get sick of it.”

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